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(We open up to Ayumi sealing up Sun and Vaatu in the Tree of Time. We later jump to her crying in her hands)

[title card: Four years later]

(We reopen to the new Team Avatar after a four year time skip. We then see a giant circular portal open up and Ayumi stepping into it and then a flash of light. We then see Team Avatar in the center of Tokyo, Japan. We then cut to a shot of Akane Yashiro regarding them with a cold smirk. We then see a shot of Ayumi riding Zhēnzhū while being chased by Shadow Dragon Spirits. We then see Akash trying to reach for Ayumi as she's being pulled away offscreen. We then end with a giant Dragonbat Spirit being thrown into a building. As the creature is squirming around, a giant foot stomps down in front of it, silencing it as we are treated to a pan up revealing Godzilla who roars at the camera followed by the title).    
(We open up to Ayumi meditating. We then see Ayumi in the Spirit World surrounded by Yue, HeiBei, Koh, the Mother of Faces, Tienhai, Wan-Shi-Tong, Aye-Aye and Old Iron. We then cut to a young man [Sun] flanked by Dark Spirits. We then see the Dai Li trying to hold off Dark Spirits in Ba Sing Se. We then see Ekta dressed in updated Kiyoshi Warrior armor. We then cut away to a shot of the Serpent from the Serpent's Pass, now bearing glowing purple eyes, roaring in pain as the Unagi bites into its side. We then finish with a shot of Ayumi launching herself off of Zhēnzhū and firebending at a swarm of Dark Spirits before we get to the title. We then see Ayumi in a dark corridor)

Vaatu: It's been a while... Raava.

(Ayumi whips around in fear)
(We begin with Ayumi and the rest of the New Team Avatar landing in Capital City in the Fire Nation while riding on Zhēnzhū while they are treated to a dance in Ember Island theater. We then cut to black as we see a man being dragged into an alleyway by what look to be shadow tendrils)

Xian-Lea: (voiceover) The time has come.

(We then see Buniq and Kohaku running in a hallway as the lanterns are snuffed out by shadows)

Xian-Lea: (voiceover) We have waited here for too long in the dark.

(We then cut to Zhēnzhū and Jade being ensnared by shadows while a mysterious figure walks toward them)

Xian-Lea: (voiceover) We have to remind the fools. We do not cower in the shadows... We strike from them. (Upon "strike from them" we finally see Xian-Lea, an otherwise beautiful woman with a scar running down her right eye and a very cold expression)

(We then see Ayumi facing off with a group of Shadowbenders who are attempting to ensnare her before she goes Avatar State and screams in anger and we are treated to the title)

Pony/other type: Unicorn

Appearance: Grey and brown unicorn with a silver mask with swirling purple patterns and red eyes. Has a scarred face under the mask. Cutie mark is a black diamond with a circle inside it and two lines beneath it. Has a black cloak

Gender: Male

Powers: Able to alter and even remove other ponies' memories of him.

Personality: Loner, mysterious

Voice Actor: Kirby Morrow

Goals: Just wants to be left alone

Quotes: "Leave me alone."


Pony/other type: Draconequus

Appearance: Serpentine body, head of a wolf, has two deer antlers, has two crow wings, has two lion paws and has two dragon hind-legs, red eyes, blue with swirling orange and green stripes

Gender: Female

Powers: Has the same reality-bending powers of all Draconequi.

Personality: No nonsense, embarrassed by her brother Discord's "Chaos"

Voice Actor: Jaynse Jaud

Goals: Wants to bring about true chaos

Quotes: "You think you know chaos? Your 'chaos', Brother, is nothing more than pure nonsense! I will show you true chaos!"

Nightmare Spike

Pony/other type: Spike corrupted by the Nightmare Entity

Appearance: Spike in his greed state but with wings, dark blue scales, black eyes with red pupils, craggier white back spikes, more defined cheek spikes, black armor

Gender: Male

Powers: Fire breath, flight, able to enter others' dreams, draws power from the moon

Personality: Cold, cunning, short-tempered, impatient, has a dark sense of humor

Goals: Bring forth eternal night

Voice Actor: David Kaye

Quotes: "Are you afraid of me, Rarity? Good."
Today, we lost Leonard Nimoy to COPD. He was 83 years old. I may not have grown up when the old Star Trek series was being aired, but I cannot deny that Nimoy left a huge impact on sci-fi and geekdom. For me, the biggest mark Mr. Nimoy left on my childhood would have to be his voice roles such as Moundshroud from The Halloween Tree, Galvatron from the G1 Transformers movie and King Kashekim from Atlantis the Lost Empire. We've lost a legend, guys. But that legend will carry on in our hearts and our memories. 

You lived long and prospered, Leonard Nimoy. You are, and always will be, remembered.

Saluting Spock 

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